​​"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring."

-David Bowie

This is not just a tour, this is an adventure, in which I plan to really explore new cities & terrains, plus revisit some of the ones I've already fallen in love with! Join me along my travels for my OFFICIAL first tour! My adventurous side beckons! I can't wait to connect with you & make some new memories! Truly, an epicurean adventure!

"The journey is part of the experience - an expression of the seriousness of one’s intent. One doesn’t take the A train to Mecca."​​

- Anthony Bourdain

Tour Schedule

  1. FEB
    Nashville, TN 2/4-5
    I've been here 2x for FM2Y bookings & just LOVE this city!! This one booked up fast though! I will be adding Nashville to the list again real soon! I'm traveling with the elegant Grace Eve for this trip! Swooned!
  2. FEB
    New Orleans 2/19-21
    This will make my FOURTH trip to Nola. I love VooDoo fest, so expect me back in October too! My travel buddy for this one is most appropiately Layla Luv! We're going to have SO much fun!
  3. MAR
    New York City 3/4-6
    I got to experience this first as a FM2Y & then made my way there last year as a lone wolf. You gentleman are above par & I hope to revisit a few times a year. We shall see- I'm ambitious lol. I will be accompanied by the very fit Sarah Page this time- can't waaaait!
  4. MAR
    Miami, FL 3/29-31
    My first Ultra music festival experience! I live for these festivals! This & kickboxing are my two true outlets- lol not to be mixed. So I'm waiting for the lineup schedule to be posted, but as of now, it's safe to say before 2pm each day is available for a booking.
  5. APR
    Naples & Miami 4/11-13
    I'll be attending the TSEGP Yacht Party on Apr 13th in Miami & intend to spend a few days in Naples prior! I'll update this with exact dates & availability soon! Maybe I'll bring a few friends! ;)
  6. APR
    Washington D.C. 4/4-6
    I use to live just outside of D.C. & have revisited many times via FM2Y trips! This is second home to me- I love & miss the history of this town! Can't wait to be back! Beverly Lamour will be joining me! :)
  7. MAY
    Jacksonville 5/2-5
    May is my birthday month & I'm visiting Jacksonville for the Rockville festival, but I will have some limited availability to entertain. Come wish me a Happy Birthday! ;) The awesome Beverly Lamour is my concert & travel buddy for this one too!
  8. FEB
    Sway's Away 2/7-12
    This Florida girl is dying to go skiing for the first time! Wish me luck!
  9. MAY
    Sway's Away 5/12-18
    Wish me a Happy Birthday! I will be taking the week off to relax & recenter myself & to add a new stamp to my passport! :)

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