You stallion! You made it to the booking page! The unconventional sequence in which we connect is an exhilarating journey for us both!

​When we meet, I promise you a safe space, free of judgment & negativity. Please, be your genuine, introverted, quirky self- I find it quite endearing! Any nervousness you may have will quickly melt away when we say our hellos!

Screening is just as much about our compatibility as it is my safety. I only choose to build a rapport with respectful, discerning gentlemen who appreciate a connection based on more than just the physical.

Trust that your personal information will be secure & is then promptly discarded once the verification process is complete. Mutual discretion, safety & respect are the utmost important in our future encounters. 

With that in mind, please submit as much of the following information as possible:

Required Info

  • ​First & Last Name
  • Phone Number (I will never initiate a call/text)
  • An unobstructed photo of your drivers license (I will delete this post confirmation)
  • Height & Weight (I prefer my suitors to be roughly height to weight proportionate)
  • All Online Profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)​
  • Desired date, time & location

Reference Verification
  • Please provide the website link of two or more reputable companions that you have met with (prefferably more than once) no longer than 6 mths ago.
  • Preferred411 Screening Service Handle

Employment Verification
No references? No problem! :) If you are new to this & are seeking some direction, look no further! I warmly welcome newcomers via a quick & discreet work verification process. 
  • Company Name
  • Company Website Link
  • Your Company Title

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  1. "Sway exudes sensuality but more than that, she is a joy to be with - smart, fun, sexy.  Your pulse races just from her look and smile.."
  2. "As you may intuit, she commands several visits."
  3. "She is easy to laugh and I found it very endearing. She has a warm, inviting way about her."
  4. "I felt that she cared and she wanted me to be happy and she made me feel good about myself. There's just something special about her."

  5. "If you haven't eaten your Wheaties, drank a 5-hour energy shot or lack stamina; prepare to be overwhelmed by her passion."
  6. "I was listening to her erotic sounds, she has such a wonderful combination of moans and dirty talk..."
  7. "She is truly an energetic and charismatic woman who rivals any other provider I have encountered in Tampa or any where else."