At a fit & energetic five-foot-five, with athletic curves & a behind that is quite ample for my frame, I represent the iconic buxom babe! My regal features & sultry voice reminiscent of a young Lauren Bacall, my baby-blue eyes telling of my provocative nature.​​ 

Well-versed in various visual & performance art forms, I have a peaceful air of confidence about me. My vivacious personality will disarm & invite you, my femininity will capture your senses & invade your psyche. A woman of a higher caliber, I will unearth a level of confidence you didn't know you could possess & empower your discernment. 

I can be the picture of poise in public, but enjoy showcasing all angles of my indulgences in private. Having my neck touched drives me wild & my stamina is legendary. Naturally charismatic, I love to immerse myself into every experience & build upon the last!

From rowdy sporting events to black-tie galas, I am eclectic in my activities & love to mix it up! Having accompanied my benefactors to various private & social events, I know there is always something more to an experience shared. I'm drawn to live music & the emotional connection it elicits. Into sports? I just love attending UFC, lacrosse & tennis matches! No matter the arena, prepare yourself for fun times!

​​A purveyor of new perspectives & dynamic connections, your confidant & sensual aficionado. Let's expand our horizons & get to know one another on multiple levels. You should enjoy epicurean adventures with someone who compliments & captivates your true self. Let's just relax, unwind & enjoy the thrill of each others company.

I'm happy & effervescent in my ways & I'm delighted to share in some of that happiness with you! Live in the moment, create shared memories & repeat the good ones!

xoxo Sway